Friday, April 3, 2015

'No Ceremony' Art Show

Happy to announce our art show opening April 30th at Milk Glass in Toronto!


Princess Castle photobooth for my friend Zoe's 4th Birthday Party (cardboard, foamcore, acrylic paint, box tape) in collaboration with @7amitdahan7



They Sell Us Villains 3

They Sell Us Villains
by Hieram Weintraub

this is the 3rd series in an ongoing collection.

Gov't and big business often seem to justify doing ugly things by selling us villains to fear.

Beware of The Boogeyman.


(Each villain is 24" x 30", mixed media on masonite panel. Contact for availability.)

coloring book

kids coloring book illustrations, ink on paper


O.G. Tshirts I made in '91. These were super renegade at the time: